Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Years ago I picked up a little book at the Christian bookstore for just a dollar.  It was called Practicing the Presence of the Lord by Brother Andrew.  It turned out to be a Christian classic that challenged me deeply.  This book is actually a collection of letters between two brothers in the Lord, one older and one younger in the faith.

Written in the 1300’s Brother Andrew discusses how to live in constant awareness of God’s presence.  We know scripturally that Jesus is with us always through the presence of the Holy Spirit, but how much are we really conscious of it personally?  I began to make it a goal to talk to the Lord throughout the day, to be aware of His nearness as much as possible.  It is SO much easier to walk in the flesh, thinking about ourselves than being aware of His Presence.  I enjoyed this growing walk, stretching myself in a new way.

Then recently, I picked this book up again.  I have to say I am better about being aware of God’s presence throughout my day than I was when I began this journey.  But this time I began to notice an expression Brother Andrew used about being aware of the exalted presence of God.  Wow!  I began to ponder my sense of the Holy Spirit’s presence as Comforter and Guide, but now I am trying to remind myself several times per day of God’s hugeness!  Thinking of Him on heaven’s throne, surrounded by angels, crying “Holy, Holy, Holy!”  This is a more exalted view than my friendly expressions like, “God, did you see that person cut me off just now?!  Of course, you did.  Silly question.”

I begin to realize how small my problems are in this fallen world; how silly some of the arguments are between people and nations in view of His eternal greatness.  I feel small compared to Him and His Universe.  Then I am amazed that He cares for us.  He chooses to.  Wow!  Join me as I begin a new stretch of the journey, seeking to walk on a higher plane.  J