Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Continuing with the cards going into the 3 X 5 card box we started a few days ago…  Now add these sections and cards.

  • Daily section – my most urgent concerns.  I put this section in front of the numbered tabs.  With one card for each need, including my husband, a couple of friends with cancer surgeries and treatments, a friend who is going through divorce, my day’s appointments, and anyone I’ve told I’d pray for them this week.  (After that, I may mark that card “Wednesday” and pray for it once a week.)
  • Friends – These cards have an orange stripe across the top.  I have an orange tab at the back of them for rotating them back.  I pray for two of these each day.  They include friends who’ve moved away, friends who are deployed, prodigal children of friends, and so on.  These are the people I want to pray for from time to time, but not every day.

  • Missionaries and ministries – Thursday is my day to pray for missionaries and ministries such as the chaplains on our military bases.  I have picture cards for as many of them as possible.  I pray for their health and finances.  I pray for their effectiveness in ministry.  I pray for their families and marriages.  Then I rotate their cards to the next Thursday date.
  • Our pastors – I pray for the staff of our church by name on Fridays.  I pray similarly to what I pray for missionaries, but also for the church’s direction and creative team.  Some of our staff are pregnant or have been sick.  This card is marked “Friday” in the top corner and I rotate it back to the next Friday date.
  • My co-workers – people I work with, one or two per day.  These card have a green stripe across the top.  I have a green tab behind them for rotating them back.

To pray for something every 2 or 3 days, just put a 2 or 3 in the top corner, and rotate it accordingly after you pray for it.  Or if it is something you want to pray for occasionally, put 10-20-30 or 5-19 on it to pray for it on those days.  Each day, you will pull out a manageable set of cards to pray over.
(To be continued…)

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