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Note:  This may be uncomfortable to those of you who are “unstructured”.  If so, don’t worry about the system.  JUST PRAY! 

Years ago, when I was feeling guilty over my prayer life, the Lord gave me an idea for managing my prayer time.  I felt like there was much I was forgetting to pray for and in some cases I was only praying sporadically for very important things.  Then there were those people I’d said I’d pray for and forgot about afterward.  (No wonder I felt guilty!) 

So I got a 3 X 5 card box and some dividers.  I put tabs on cards for the days of the month, numbering them 1-31.  Then I began to put cards into each section for the following, layering in each category: 

  • My children (and later their families) – I wrote their names and their needs on a card.  These got a pink highlighter stripe across the top.  I put a pink tab on another card.  I put two of my children’s cards in the first day, two more in the second day, and so on.  Then I put a pink tab in the day after these.  I would pray intently for them on the day their cards came up, then rotate them to the pink tabbed section and moving the tab back to the next day. 
  • My extended family – I decided to pray for my siblings on Tuesdays.  These cards with their names and needs got a blue stripe.  They rotate back to the next Tuesday.  I put our parents on Wednesdays.  They also have a blue line across the top and “Tuesday” in the top corner.
  • Big issues, including world affairs and current events – Modified from Dick Eastman’s Change the World School of Prayer*, these needs are on one card for each day of the week.  I pray for the following:
    • Monday – world evangelism.  I pray for my personal friends who are on the mission field and for those who are involved in spreading the gospel throughout the world.
      • For WORKERS – Mt. 9:38 – that they would be strengthened and faithful for the work
      • For OPEN DOORS – Col. 4:2,3 – for all nations to allow the preaching of the gospel, especially Communistic & Muslim countries.
      • For FRUIT that remains – 2 Thes. 3:1 – people to be saved and discipled who can then lead others to Christ
      • For FINANCES for the work – Ro. 10:14, 15 – that workers would be encouraged, not slowed or disheartened by financial needs.
    • Tuesday – my church. 
      • For LEADERS WHO PRAY – Acts 6:4
      • For SAINTS WHO SERVE – Gal. 6:2
      • For PEOPLE WHO PRAISE – 1 Pet. 2:9
    • Wednesday – world issues / current events
      • For the counties involved in “The Arab Spring” and for religious liberty to come out of that. 
      • That unjust or repressive leaders would be removed and replaced by those who favor religious freedom
      • For natural disasters and national crises. 
      • For the persecuted church. 
      • For the nation of Israel.
    • Thursday – for spiritual awakening / revival
      • For HUMBLE REPENTANCE – 2 Chron. 7:14
      • For HUNGRY DESPERATION – Jer. 29:13
      • For HELPFUL GENEROSITY – Is. 58:10-12
      • For HOLY UNITY – John 17:20-21
    • Friday – my family – based on Luke 2:52
      • SPIRITUALLY (in favor with God)
      • SOCIALLY (in favor with man)
      • MENTALLY (increasing in wisdom)
      • PHYSICALLY (increasing in stature – good health)
    • Saturday – political and civil leaders (Dan.2:19-22) – that they would realize their authority comes from God.  That they would be wise and judicious.  The foolish and ungodly leaders would be removed.
      • National, state, and local office holders
      • Legislation
      • Judges
      • Police & Fire
      • Public services
    • Sunday – myself
      • That I will be “F.A.T.” – faithful, available & teachable
      • That I will maintain integrity and purity
      • For input that will cause spiritual and personal growth.  Sometimes this requires outside sources when the church is focused on new believers.  I pray the Lord would bring them into my path.
      • My wishes and dreams

After I pray for these needs, I rotate the cards back to the next numbered day that matches the day of the week.

(To be continued...)
*You can find Dick Eastman’s prayer map at


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