Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Proverbs says a good wife is a good thing for a man, a gift from the Lord in fact.  Movies may depict the single male as living the good life, but studies actually show that married men are healthier, life longer, have better mental health, make more money, are less likely to be in prison, are less likely to be assaulted, and so on.  (By the way, the stats do not apply to those cohabitating.)

Some studies think this is because wives help husbands remember their doctor appointments.  Ha!  I think that they go AT ALL is because they want to live long and care for their families.  And because their wives remind them.  The partnership of marriage fosters companionship and caring.  (Not synonymous with "nagging" by the way.)  You want what is best for each other.  You love to see the other person flourish, grow, achieve, excel.  This applies to health and every other area of life.

I think women also give this kind of support in friendships.  The caring concern that encourages a friend to keep that scary doctor's appointment, that prays over the diagnosis, that watches someone else's children while they get treatment, that brings in a meal or a pizza to those going through difficulty is unique to women.

I hope my women friends grow in their appreciation of God's design.  Being a women is a great thing.  Not in the feminist, "I'm as good as any man," kind of way, but in the "God's design is wonderful" kind of way.  I hope you enjoy the grace and the good that flows from your heart and ideas.

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