Sunday, January 15, 2012


There is such a war in our culture.  You know, the male-female thing.  What a peace it is to settle into the idea that the Creator made me a woman and that that is a good thing.  He said it was not good for man to be alone.  That means that a woman is a good thing.  This week, let's talk about why it is good.

A good place to start is that the differences between men and women are good.  We often try to make our men like us or get frustrated that they don't think like us, react like us.  Actually, it's a good thing they don't!  What an emotional world this would be if men had our hormones!!  On the other hand, without women, how much nurturing and tender influence might be lacking? 

Women bring beauty to the world, caring, tenderness.  And yes, emotion!  Men's logic, reason, and sense of the bottom line ("Just give me the Reader's Digest version, dear.") are important to the mastery of the world.  But without the softening influence of women, it becomes a stark and hard reality.  This is not to say women are without reason or logic.  Far from it!  Yet I think those parts of us often function through a filter of intuition and sensibility.

More on this in my next posting.  :-)

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